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Setting up IP camera video Stream on ION-R100

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2019 08:19AM EDT
Using point-to-point connections, the ION-R100 decoder can act as a fully standalone video decoding appliance.  This can be useful, for instance, in situations where the decoder is used to drive a spot monitor for IP-based video streams.

Configuration of point-to-point connections should be done after the desired video output parameters have been set and applied.  Video output parameters define the output type (BNC or HDMI) as well as decoder layout (1x1, 2x2 or sequence) of the ION-R100.  Depending on the selected output layout, a set number of video stream decoders will be made available for configuration of point-to-point settings.

For each video stream decoder, a set of parameters can be set and a point-to-point connection can be configured and enabled.

For each video stream decoder, you may set-up a point-to-point connection with an H.264/MJPEG IP camera or video encoder. 

  1. To enable the point-to-point connection, you must first select the appropriate Codec (H.264 or MJPEG) which matches the video stream source.
  2. You may optionally add a Description to identify the point to point connection for future reference.
  3. The next step in setting up a point-to-point connection for a video stream decoder is selecting the desired Connection Type. When in Active mode, the video stream decoder will establish a connection directly to a video stream source (HTTP or RTSP), such as an IP camera or IP video encoder, and request the required video streams, which is exactly what we want in this scenario.

The active mode supports the following video sources (IP camera or encoder):
  • MJPEG over HTTP
  • H.264 over RTSP/RTP/UDP Unicast
  • H.264 over RTSP/RTP/UDP Multicast
  1. Once authenticated into your camera through ODM’s Login function on the top left, and selecting your camera in the left-hand column, click on the Live video text link in bottom middle section to get a live video preview of selected IP camera
  2. Live video preview window
  3. Stream information (URI / RTSP Stream) needed. Highlight this string and copy it.

WARNING: All IP and URI information displayed in the examples of this guide are for the specific purposes of this guide and will differ based on customer networks and IP camera hardware.

  1. Having copied the URI, you may now paste (or transcribe) it into the URI field in your ION-R100 device configuration. Some cameras might not require authentication based on their configuration so no modifications to the stream URI will be needed.  If your camera does require authentication you will need to add proper authentication in order to allow the ION-R100 to connect to the IP camera and start the video streaming. 

    Thus, in our example, rtsp://,
    we’ll add username:password@ to the URI, making it:
  2. Enable the Point to Point connection once the URI is copied and/or modified.
Once all the settings have been set, click on Save at the bottom of the page to apply them. 
  1. Once all configurations have been saved, ensure that the Active Connection Status is Connected, if it is not, review your configurations and Save once again.

Some of the above changes may require a device reboot before they take effect.  Once rebooted, the ION-R100 will create the point-to-point connection as configured and the live stream should start on the video output selected.

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