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Video output modes of the R-100 decoder

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2017 11:55AM EST
Using point-to-point connections, the ION-R100 decoder can act as a fully standalone video decoding appliance.  This can be useful, for instance, in situations where the decoder is used to drive a spot monitor for IP-based video streams.

Video output parameters define the Output Connector type (BNC or HDMI) as well as Output layout (1x1, 2x2 or sequence) of the ION-R100.  Depending on the selected output layout, a set number of video stream decoders will be made available for configuration of point-to-point settings.

By factory default, the ION-R100 is configured as a single video stream decoder in a 1x1 output layout.  In this mode, the ION-R100 is capable of connecting to a single H.264/MJPEG IP video source only, which it will decode and display in full screen on the configured output connector (BNC or HDMI).  This is the only mode in which the ION-R100 will be able to decode an HD video source in resolutions up to 1080p30/720p60.
When the output layout is set to 2x2 or sequence, four (4) video streams decoders are made available and can all decode and display simultaneously.  In this mode, the ION-R100 is capable of connecting to four H.264/MJPEG IP video sources simultaneously, which it will decode and display in either a tiled 2x2 layout or full screen sequence on the configured output connector (BNC or HDMI).  However, this mode limits the supported video source resolutions to D1 for each of the four video stream decoders.
When setting the output layout to sequence, the video stream decoders are displayed one at a time in full screen, following the order specified by the Sequence Order parameter, for a time interval specified by the Sequence Interval parameter. Each stream number may appear only once in the sequence. It is not necessary that all streams be present, but at least one stream must be present. Switching between 2x2 and sequence can be done on-the-fly and does not require a reboot of the appliance. Please note that switching from 2x2/sequence to 1x1 or changing the Output connector requires a restart.
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