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Updating the firmware of IONODES products using the Field Update Tool

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2017 11:55AM EST
The IONODES Field Update Tool (FUT) is a tool designed to assist users in updating core firmware of IONODES encoders and decoders. Although firmware updates are usually performed directly on the device via its web interface, some older device may require the use of the field update tool in order to perform the update. The tool is also useful for upgrading units that cannot be accessed remotely for whatever reason.

Please note that upgrades requiring the FUT are critical operations that MUST NOT be interrupted before they complete! Failure to comply with this may leave the unit in an unbootable state!
The Field Update Tool can be downloaded from here: http://www.ionodes.com/main/uploads/firmware/FieldUpdateTool_GA.zip
Before proceeding please check your device’s current firmware. If your device’s firmware is more recent than the one indicated below, you do not need to perform the update using the field update tool and can proceed with updating via the device’s web interface. The table also indicates the .ifu firmware update file you need to use with the field update tool for each device type.
Device Type Firmware Version .ifu Firmware Update File Required
E100 or earlier IFU_E100Series_v3.8.0.1_b10704.zip
E100-HD or earlier IFU_E100HDSeries_v3.8.0.1_b10704.zip
E400 or earlier IFU_E400Series_v3.8.0.1_b10704.zip
E400-ET or earlier IFU_E400Series_v3.8.0.1_b10704.zip
R100 or earlier IFU_R100Series_v3.4.0.2_b10598.zip
E100-MINI or earlier IFU_E100MiniSeries_v4.0.0.6_b10728.zip

The FUT will automatically add a required IP address on the appropriate network interface ( and will reconfigure firewall rules to allow incoming UDP and TCP connections to and from the FUT.

The tool will first verify if there are any IONODES devices which have not completed a previous update session. If such an issue is detected the following Device Resume window will appear:

It is important to make sure that not more than one device with incomplete firmware update be located on the network; the resume process cannot manage more than a single incomplete firmware session at a time.

The next step is to start the device discovery process (requires Bonjour protocol).

Upon completion of this process the devices with a firmware version compatible with the update package selected will be highlighted in green. Next to the green dot is an icon indicating the communication status of the device.
The user then selects the desired devices and initiates the update with the “Start Update” button. The FUT performs the update sequentially on all selected devices. Clicking on the “Stop Update” button will instruct the FUT to stop the update process after it has completed update on its currently targeted device. The update status message will change to “Stopping” and may take up to 10 minutes to stop.
IMPORTANT! During the update process, if communication with a device is lost, a message box may appear. Please read and follow the instructions carefully; failure to do so may result in an unrecoverable device state.
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