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Recording IONODES NetLogs

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2017 11:53AM EST
Recording IONODES NetLogs in a text file
Occasionally, IONodes support team will require some specific logs to better understand a particular issue. They can be captured by opening a telnet session on ports 65099 and 65100. This document describes the steps to record the NetLogs using a Telnet session with ExtraPutty.

Enabling ION log modules
First of all, you need to enable the logs module you want to log. For instance, to see why the serial communication is not working properly, you will type the following command:
#activatelog module=serial enable=true

Secondly, open a telnet session on port 666 to activate the module:

To note that in the above screenshot there are two telnet sessions, one for port 65099 and another one for port 666. Additionally, in this example we did enable the rtsp logs.

The following modules are available: rtsp, serial, ptz and http

Installing ExtraPutty
ExtraPutty is similar to Putty but has some other features (e.g. Timestamp) than Putty does not. ExtraPutty can be downloaded from this link:
Once downloaded, just click in the executable file to install it.
Configuring Putty Logging session
Open ExtraPutty and configure the Logging session as shown here:

Select “All Session Output” to record the session output, in the timestamp type select on putty log so that the file records the time and date (TimeStamp format). Then, create a folder in your computer to save the file.

NOTE: The Camera_65099 refers to any IONodes Product.
Configuring a Telnet session
To record a Telnet session, please use the following settings:

Firstly, specify the IP address of the ION equipment. Secondly, enter the port 65099. Thirdly, select Telnet and name the file in the Saved sessions box. Finally, click in the Save button.
NOTE: To start the Telnet session, click in the Open button.

Repeat the above steps if NetLogs for port 65100 are required.
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