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ONVIF PTZ integration using IONODES video encoders

Last Updated: May 29, 2019 07:39AM EDT

This document is to provide a high-level view on how the ONVIF PTZ integration is designed with IONODES video encoders.  



The integration with IONODES encoders can be done in many ways.  For this document, the IONODES support team has chosen the following use case based on customer feedback:


Within the ONVIF PTZ model, the possible movements of a PTZ unit are separated into a Pan/Tilt component and into a Zoom component. A brief comparison of the main operations can be found below. More information on all ONVIF PTZ-related commands can be found in the official ONVIF PTZ Service Specification (https://www.onvif.org/specs/srv/ptz/ONVIF-PTZ-Service-Spec-v1712.pdf). 

1-This ONVIF operation is only supported if the underlying PTZ protocol supports querying.  If so, the GetStatus will provide the actual PTZ device status
2- Same as 1.
3- If the timeout parameter is not supported

User Experience

Following example shows how you can validate your integration before starting your development.  In this case, the Chrome browser was used with a REST client plugin.  This allows you to send ONVIF commands and receive replies directly from your browser.

You can also use a very popular ONVIF client, ONVIF Device Manager (ODM), which is free and easy to find on the Internet.  Please note that ONVIF Device Manager will only expose the supported features/operations, based on the configuration of the entire system, as explained above.

It’s worth mentioning that ODM doesn’t expose Absolute & Relative Zoom operations if the system doesn’t also support Absolute & Relative Pan/Tilt operations. So, having just a sensor that supports Absolute & Relative Zoom commands, but no PTZ Controller connected to support the Absolute & Relative Pan/Tilt commands, will lead to ODM only showing Continuous move commands.

Document Date:  May 27, 2019
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